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Documentation of life as we know it.

The good, bad, and downright evil

12 January 1987
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Hey everybody, I'm Tom Hawk, the real one mind you. (For those who don't get it, google it.) I'm a fun outgoing person, and can be quite mean sometimes, but hey, who isn't? I support many causes out there, including Rosie O'donnell's Kid shop program. Visit rosie.com for more details. I also support bisexuality, I would rather help some one gay/bi/lesbian, than condemn them, but thats just me. I am open to new ideas, so swing some my way. Its an open fact that I shun religions, mainly because they contradict themselves oh to often. The way I see it, People are what matter, I love my friends, they all rule. Take note of ones I blog about, then you know they are something really special. Peace out for now, and I hope you enjoy the Documentation of Life As we Know it!